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After the passing of my beloved great aunt 'Dot', I was willed her bangle and ring above (NOT FOR SALE).  I have cherished them deeply since.  I remember her going about her day with this snake bangle bringing glamour to even the most mundane tasks.  These two pieces of jewelry are responsible for my ever growing passion for jewelry.  I am enamored with how jewelry; can remind you of memories, make lasting impressions, and make your eyes dance with the shimmer.  


Our pre-loved jewelry collections are carefully selected at swap meets, thrift stores, estate/yard sales, farmers markets and the like.  All items are cleaned using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, polishing cloths, and/or alcohol.  Please enjoy our collection, browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with The Icy Mermaid's Jewelry for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, or offers of selling your jewelry on consignment.

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